AtlasTheGamerr's Staff Application

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Name: Jack Wilder

Age: 17

Steam ID:

Why do you wish to join the Staff Team (100 Words Min):
I would like to join the staff team as I feel I could really be an asset. I’ve been staff previously on other servers and before them being ruined or shutting down, it's gone really well. I would like to join the staff as I always see people in the city asking me for help & I tell them to do /call staff however I want to be able to assist more than that and help keep the server as strong as it is now.

Why should we choose you over other applicants (100 Words Min):
I feel you should choose me as I am always out to help people already. Even though I'm not a staff member. I’m a lot more active than I was and now I'm being more helpful.

Even at my current NHS rank, I'm still trying to help others within the department with everything they need. I feel I could help make the server stronger and keep it stronger, I hope.
Name your biggest strength and your biggest weakness (50 Words Min):

My biggest strength is maybe that I always find out both sides of the story. Always making sure i know who's in the wrong and who's not before acting. My biggest weakness would probably be that more often i like to go it alone without any help which sometimes means i can't help how i need to.

How long have you been part of NWRP for:
Just over a month however i was LOA as i was ill & I worked a lot. But I'm back now!

What do you think about the current Staff Team Here:
I think the staffing team is incredibly helpful and are always there when needed.

What Could the current Staff Team Improve on:
The only thing I think they could improve on is that not all staff are as clued up as they need to be. Like some people call other staff to assist them, which maybe isn’t such a bad thing but still.

Roughly how many hours per week can you commit to staff work:

Is there any Staff Members that would recommend you:
Craig & maybe ramsay & maybe chapo

Anything else you would like to add:
I hope i get the chance to help
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