Banned then Unbaned for modding misunderstanding!


New member
Ingame Name: Delboy Trotter

Ingame ID(You can find this bottom right of your screen ingame): 21109

Staff member involved: Turks

Reason of the warning: -1 Ban (MODDING) and UNBAN (MODDING)

What happened?: Its such a long story. Basically there was modder so i called admin and after Turks came i called another by accident because i was new so another admin tp'd to me but he wasent in admin Uniform so Turks thought TP'd someone to me thinking i was the modder! anyway i wasent so he perm banned me and then when the situation calmed down my friend spoke to Turks and Turks Unbanned me strait away because he realised that i wasent the modder!!!

Evidence: Turks obviously knows this happend and he was sorry But you can ask him!