eJimx's NHS Application


New member
In-game Name: Jim Harding
Discord Name: eJimx#2190

Your Perm ID (You can find this bottom right of your screen ingame): Not there.

What is your Age:
14 years old or older

Your Current Location & Timezone: England GMT.

Why do you want to join the NHS?
Min 25 words
I would like to join the National Health service to Make the NHS more active in NWRP, I see a lot of Civs on but never no NHS, So I would like to serve NWRP as a active NHS member, I would also Like to join because I want to create some great RP in the server.

How often are you online and able to play on NWRP?
Min 15 words
I am active almost everyday on NWRP.

Tell us why you think you would make a good NHS Medic?
Min 30 words
I would make a good NHS medic because I can create good RP and be active a lot, I think I could be good at the NHS Job.

Roleplay Question - Someone is in need of medical attention and you are reviving them, what would you say while treating them?
Min 30 words
First I would respond Code 3 to the location, Then when I would arrive ask the surrounding people if there is any, what exactly happened, then check the jugular or wrist for a pulse, if there is a pulse I would then try to perform CPR in hopes of reviving the patient, After the patient awakes I would then ask them if they need any further medical treatment, if so, I would take them to the hospital, depending on what their injuries are I would take them to hospital to take them to a doctor, If they didn't need any further treatment, I would leave the area ready for another call to come in.

Do you have a working Microphone: Yes
This is Required

Do you agree to serve and save lives of NWRP Citizens in the name her majesty the queen.
Yes I do.

Signed by Jim Harding.
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