Harry Wilson Merseyside Police Application


New member
In Game name:
Harry Wilson

Discord name:

Do you have a criminal record in-game?:

Do you currently possess a valid in-game driver's license?:

Age (Minimum 15, with the exception of 14 if proven mature to command)*:

Country & Timezone?:
Sweden +1

Are you fluent within the English Language?:

Why do you want to Join the Police Force (Minimum 50 words):
Because I want to help the police force and help preventing robberies because I know how much it suck to get robbed I also want to help with stopping the bad guys i also want to help preventing robberies. I also want criminals to realize that they can go down a different path then the criminal one

Have you got any experience in the criminal justice system?:
Yes. I have been a police officer in Gothenburg, Stockholm, and in Los angeles

Have you read the Server Rules?, If so please state rule 33 and confirm that you accept it:*
Yes I have and it is: Please do not use any offensive avatars on teamspeak they will automatically remove any offensive materials found and I have. I accept that rule and all the other rules.

I Understand that taking Police equipment off duty will result in a Blacklist from PD and a Possible Server Ban?:

I confirm the application is written by me and any attempt to copy another's application will result in it being denied?: